About the Artist

Alexandra Milton comes from a long line of artists. Her father is the distinguished German artist, Wolfram (Aichele). Her grandfather was the celebrated wildlife artist, Erwin Aichele (1887-1974)
Alexandra was born and grew up in Paris: she now lives in London with her husband, the writer Giles Milton, and her three children. 
She trained in a number of places including Academie Charpentier, Paris; Central St Martin's, London; and Putney Art School, London.

"I work in collage, using layers of torn and shredded handmade paper collected from all over the world. My aim is to create depth and richness, as well as breathing life into the birds. The individual works are finished with crayon, pencil and gold or silver leaf. 

My works celebrate all that is to be to marvelled at in nature; to catch, in colour and form, a glimpse of the miracle of creation." 

Alexandra last solo exhibition was at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery (2012). She has taken part in many group exhibitions. 
Her work is regularly exhibited at major art fairs: 20/21, Affordable Art Fair, the Animal Art Fair and lately at the Singapore Fair (AFF). 

Here's a short TV interview with Alexandra talking about her work at last year's Animal Art Fair.

'It is not often one can truly say: 'today, I saw something different... her portfolio opens and you have before you something of wonder. 
The sheer beauty of her drawing, the depth of colour, the carefully chosen textures … Alexandra Milton’s art is a carefully woven collage of stunning proportions…
David Bennett, Creative Director, Boxer Books