Call Me Gorgeous

‘Here is a debut picture book that not only deserves to be examined closely, but also stood well back from and gazed at in awe.' - Bookseller

‘This book is a delightful puzzle for a small reader and it ends in a good joke. On the way, there is much to marvel at in the intricate beauty of the animal world so intensely conveyed in Alexandra Milton's stunning illustration.’ Books for Keeps

'Will have kids in stitches... this unique book is as fun and brassy as it is visually striking.' Publishers Weekly

''This husband and wife team have created a truly original creature, one that will puzzle and delight the family. Stunning collage effects and cover will make sure that this stands out. Definitely one to watch out for.' The Bookseller Children Buyers Guide.

Call Me Gorgeous! is a fun, stylish book about a very, very strange creature. What on earth could 
it be? Uncover this mysterious and fabulous beast through Alexandra Milton's stunning collage. 
With spectacular illustrations and 
humorous text, Call Me Gorgeous! 
is a feast for the eyes and a 
puzzle for the mind.

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Nominated for the Kate Greenaway 
Medal 2010
Selected as a Bookstart Title 2010
Selected as a Bookbuzz Title 2012

Published by Boxer Books, August 2009 
2-5 years
ISBN: 978-1-906250-70-6 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-907152-49-8 (paperback)