Works for sale

Works vary in size and are individually priced: they range from £500 to £1,600. Please contact me here for exact details.

Four Hoopoes in Tree of Life

Silver Moon, Tree, Flowers and Two Chinese Magpies

Silver Tree of Life and Four White-Throated Magpies

Big Copper Moon with Seven Eastern Spine-bills

Golden Tree of Life and Six Silver-Eared Mesia

Gold Vase, Pink Roses and Two Robins

Five Wrens in a Silver Tree of Life

Gold Vase, White Roses and a Pair of Rose-finches

Dormouse and Red Berries

Silver Moon and Robin on Frosty Branch

California Quail and Bloom

Big Silver Moon with Four Bohemian Waxwings and Pink Berries

70cm x 70 cm

Silver Moon with Two Hoopoes in Tree

60cm x 68cm

Silver Moon with Bullfinches, Goldfinch and Honesty Plant

84cm x 65cm

Silver Moon with Two Bullfinches and White Blossom

67cm x 59cm

Gold Moon with Blue Tit

29cm x 29cm