Works for sale

Works vary in size and are individually priced: they range from £500 to £1,600. Please contact me here for exact details.

My 2019 calendar is now available from Flametree publishers and Amazon.

Blue vase, gold moon and two falcons
83 x 65cm

Silver moon and robin on frosty branch

Silver moon and pair of variable sunbirds

California Quail and Bloom

Big Silver Moon with Three Plum-headed Parakeets in Strawberry tree

65cm x 65cm

Big Silver Moon with Four Bohemian Waxwings and Pink Berries

70cm x 70 cm

Silver Moon with Two Hoopoes in Tree

60cm x 68cm

Gold Moon with Snowy Owl in Pine Tree

59cm x 72cm

Gold Moon with Six Silver-eared Mesia

80cm x 68cm

Silver Moon with Schallow’s Turaco on gold background with Moon

54cm x 74cm

Kiwi bird

73cm x 58cm

Two Magpies in Strawberry Tree

76cm x 61cm

Silver Moon with Bullfinches, Goldfinch and Honesty Plant

84cm x 65cm

Gold Moon with Two Eastern Rosellas in Longan Tree

62cm x 78cm

Crowned-crane standing in Golden Grass

68cm x 103cm

Silver Moon with Two Bullfinches and White Blossom

67cm x 59cm

Two Colasisi in Gum Tree

77cm x 66cm

Blue and Gold Macaw with Orange Blossom

64cm x 84cm

Gold Moon with Moon and Yellow Blossom

28cm x 28cm

Gold Moon with Blue Tit

29cm x 29cm