Works for sale

Works vary in size and are individually priced: they range from £500 to £1,600. Please contact me here for exact details.

My 2019 calendar is now available from Flametree publishers and Amazon.

Silver Moon, Tree, Flowers and Two Chinese Magpies

Blue Vase, Gold Moon and Two Falcons
83 x 65cm

Big Copper Moon with Seven Eastern Spine-bills

Gold Vase, Pink Roses and Two Robins

Gold Vase, White Roses and a Pair of Rose-finches

Dormouse and Red Berries

Silver Moon and Robin on Frosty Branch

Silver Moon and Pair of Variable Sunbirds

California Quail and Bloom

Big Silver Moon with Four Bohemian Waxwings and Pink Berries

70cm x 70 cm

Silver Moon with Two Hoopoes in Tree

60cm x 68cm

Gold Moon with Six Silver-eared Mesia

80cm x 68cm

Silver Moon with Bullfinches, Goldfinch and Honesty Plant

84cm x 65cm

Silver Moon with Two Bullfinches and White Blossom

67cm x 59cm

Gold Moon with Blue Tit

29cm x 29cm